Corfu, Greece.. 2012!! 

Corfu, Greece.. 2012!! 

Excellent song!! 

The way I see the Photography

 Everyone have a different opinion about the photography, but I can say with confidence that everyone wants to make attractive and interesting photos…
   I am taking photos trying to show the most beautiful sight of the object or of the model… I believe that you need to see the object and to try to find the most attractive sign of it and show it as simple as possible… That is the reason which makes the art of photography too difficult but simultaneously too interesting and mysterious… It is a vortex if you fall in, you can hardly escape and then you’re getting carried away to take more photos and have more ideas…
   When I take pictures I cannot hear anything… I feel that everything stops and waiting me to press the button and trap the moment… The results are not always what I expect, but I try for the best and I am sure that my labors will be rewarded in the short future…

Artur Mamulian